The Best Portable Sawmills 2018 – Comparison Table

Imagebosch reaxx reviewrockwell table saw reviewcraftsman evolv table saw review
Product NameBosch ReaxxRockwell Table SawCraftsman Evolv Table Saw
Our Rating8.39.19.8
User Rating7.68.19.4
Weight133 lbs88.2 lbs50.4 lbs
DImensions29.5 x 22.5 x 38 inches38.8 x 27.6 x 17.9 inches26.9 x 19.8 x 12.9 inches
Power15 amp15 amp15 amp

Portable Sawmill Reviews

Portable saw mills have three main concepts. These include the chainsaw, circular, and band sawmills. They are in demand when it comes to the variety of designs and system of operations with a cost that is fit to most budget. In deciding which brand or type of machine to get, Will Johnson, the president of a manufacturing company of portable sawmill has to say that it depends on what the purpose of the user with it. In our Norwood sawmill review below, you will find that Norwood is one of the brands you should take into consideration.

One factor in considering is the quantity of lumber that is planned to do and how rapidly it is needed to be cut. Another factor is the quality on how finely finished the boards need to be.

When people are planning to purchase any major tool of power equipment, many questions run through their minds and the most common of those is: Will the cost they spend on this thing save their time and money in the long run? And choosing the perfect portable sawmill is not an exception.

Is It Worth My Time and Money?

Cost – this is the most widely thought of many people across the world. Will the money to pay be worth it? This factor is not as easy as thinking what’s the cheapest among all. When checking the cost, don’t forget to factor in what you are benefiting for your money. Getting the cheapest doesn’t mean getting the best in most cases. Remember to consider other factors aside from considering the cost.

Time – as mentioned, money and time both work together in considering something to get. The time is worth more than a lot of money. It is useless to get the cheapest if the downside is having problems in the end.

Is It Safe to Use?

Safety – no matter how expensive or how cheap the product is, when the effect is being in the risk of being unsafe, it would not be worth it. No cost or money can buy someone’s life. Do not be ever tempted with the low price and make a sudden decision just because it can help save money. Always put in mind to do some research into the safety considerations behind each technology. Keeping this thing in mind will serve well in checking the right and safe product that would benefit rather than cost more money in the future.

What You Can Get Out of It

Lastly, opportunities – always remember to consider that a sawmill may be costly but make sure that it can benefit you in a good way. It can open up new sources of income through its products. By being creative, people can get back the cost they risked for the price. Choose a right sawmill that will grow and provide something beneficial in the future.

Norwood Sawmill Review

norwood sawmill review

As mentioned, the portable sawmill market can be a bit complicated and consuming task to do which can make the equipment selection alone a challenging task. However, in the case of the people in many parts of the world, the selection did not seem to be all that complicated. They knew that they wanted to invest and risk their money in a Norwood Industries portable sawmill.

Each and every Norwood product is quality built in the United States of America and Canada. Every single custom-fabricated part in each Norwood is precision-made in US and Canadian facilities. They are not assembled out just of foreign made parts.

What Norwood Offers

Norwood was the very first company that developed affordable personal band mills. It is the only company that focuses entirely on this class of sawmills. Ever since they launched the first LumberMate, other companies in some parts of the world followed and tried selling their own kind of personal band saw mills. However, it was only as an afterthought to what their main focus is – super sized and super expensive hydraulic mills.

Every Norwood team member, from the lowest position, the engineers, up to the customer service, give 100 percent of their time and effort to make sure that every person who purchases Norwood is satisfied.

Today, Norwood has been building sawmills for 25 years already. This alone tells that the company is trusted knowing that it continues to grow even after more than two decades. Its sawmills are already being provided in over 100 countries around the world. In fact, more than 35,000 sawmills have already cut millions of boards. Also, it has over 50 patents. That is even greater than the sum of all the different sawmill companies that exist around the world.

Just like the other portable sawmills, Norwood portable sawmills also work too much. However, unlike the others, Norwood’s can  manage to work on logs. It can cut the lumber accurately in complicated situations. When some parts are down, it can overcome the challenges in many ways. Every Norwood sawmill is built to cut hundreds, thousands or even millions of boards in every day. To make this short, every Norwood sawmill is built for longer existence. In fact, portable sawmill reviews and Norwood sawmill reviews show positive feedbacks regarding this.

Norwood LM29 Review

norwood lm29 review

I’ll open the Norwood LM29 review by saying one thing. The LumberMate LM29 is just one of the few portable sawmill that Norwood created to provide customers’ needs. It is perfectly fit for the people who mill just for fun and even to have extra income. It also makes specialty cuts for fine woodworking. LumberMate LM29 also serves for the people who build their houses or cabin out of their own trees. It is also for those who cut valuable lumber to sell for profit.


The LumberMate LM29 has a healthy appetite for all kinds of woods. The LumberMate LM29 is also known for its capability to mill both the softwood and hardwood up to 29 inches of its diameter. It can also cut the boards as wide as 22 inches. Even first-time users of the sawmill get to mill like a seasoned expert in no time because it is easy to use based on LM29 sawmill reviews.

Built by highly skilled operators with major edge fabrication and machine technologies, the LumberMate 29 is built to accurately cut millions of board feet of valuable lumber at any time of the day. Moreover, it is attached with some of Norwood’s latest innovative improvement in sawmill innovation which includes the locking saw head that can deliver vertical saw head operation.

The blade system can keep the blade free of pitch in softwoods. At the point of entry into the cut, the system delivers water to the blade.

By using the saw head feed, the user is able to lead the saw head through the cut pressure from the user’s hands. Precision on log-rest lining up assures the accuracy of cut by 90 degrees.

Finishing up the Norwood Sawmill Review: Quality Guaranteed! 

The president of Norwood Sawmill, Ashlynne Dale expresses out that aside from its greater capacity and better functionality, the LM29’s plus service answers a wider range of sawmilling needs. It will offer the global customers of Norwood an access to a versatile mobile band saw (which is inexpensive). It also has the ability of milling normal-sized softwood and hardwood logs while still becoming exceptionally user-friendly and easy to maintain.

Dale also pointed out that the LumberMate LM29 is a particularly capable sawmill. It outperforms all other kinds of sawmills in its group. It is created to easily and fastly cut the lumber, and that presents a higher operation for the Norwood sawmills.

Given its low cost, Norwood’s special LM29 is the best fit for sawyers as a hobby, for the first timers and even for the people who are in the industry.