Hudson Sawmill Review

Hudson Forest Equipment has different kinds of tools and machines. Along with this are the sawmills which most people in the United States and Canada prefer and use. Hudson comes in a lot of sawmills. They have one goal: and that is to cut logs into lumber.

Kinds of Sawmills

Hudson categorized their sawmills into groups: Specialty and Hydraulic Sawmills, Oscar Series Sawmills, HFE Homesteader Sawmills, and the Freedom Line Hunter and Sawyer Sawmills.

Few people just can’t take the extra expense for the very high priced sawmills that are currently in the market, that’s why Hudson Forest Equipment has come up with Freedom Line Hunter and Sawyer Sawmills to be a solution to saving money. They are the newest American-made sawmills introduced in the market.

HFE Homesteader Sawmills

HFE Homesteader Sawmills are important tools for any homestead. They are ideal for sawing logs into boards or re-sawing boards to the necessary dimensions and are fit for a rural lifestyle.

HFE sawmill is able to do everything you want it to do. Using the saw and pushing it is similar as in the grocery store when you’re pushing the cart. The ruler systems are reader-friendly and work well with the hand crank sawmill head that lets you cut logs even up to within 1/8”. The problem comes in with the two blade bearings.

Oscar Series Sawmills

Oscar Series Sawmills are a great mill for the average sawyer. They have plastic guards that reduce vibration and wear and are known to the market for its affordability and efficiency.

Oscar sawmill is perfect for the avid woodworker. With this, you can saw the lumber to the thickness you are needing which can save a lot on your plainer as well as on wood waste. It can be the most accurate and efficient mill you would ever see. The problem comes in the cable system for lifting the saw head because they might sometimes break.

Specialty and Hydraulic Sawmills

Portable mills under Specialty and Hydraulic Sawmills have a heavy duty frame and have many features. They are capable of cutting the large logs that conventional sawmills could not because of their sizes.

Although you had never done any lumber before, you could get to be efficient in just a day. The problem comes with the electric winch. It may become too fast and it would go right by the measurement on you, making you go back and forth a couple of times.


Overall, Hudson Sawmill review shows that for their price, they can cut good lumber but they need good support with regards to light frame. The heavier the frame, the more you would cost money. Keeping the frame on a good support is equal to taking enough time and investing money. Given the time and effort, Hudson mills are able to cut lumber just as exact as more expensive mills in the market.