Rockwell Table Saw Review

Rockwell is not a widely notable brand, but these starters to the carpentry field have found a new way to design a highly movable and very practical table saw, making it a well-respected name in power tools recently.


The Rockwell table saw has all the features that every woodworker would like to have in a table saw.

Its side wheels and folding legs make it easy to pack up and transport from one place to another. When loading or unloading this table saw, you can bend in one of its legs and roll the entire table, just like in a rolling suitcase.

Although it may seem to be heavier and taller than most table saws in the market, it still takes in a portability rate of 93 percent because of its compact design for folding. Moreover, it only weighs 73.7 pounds, light enough to carry onto and off the places. The Rockwell table saw has 30 inches rip capacity to the right of the blade and a rip capacity to 11 inches to the left of the blade.

rockwell table saw review


Other specifications of this table saw includes a 10-inch blade, laser guide and it comes with built-in wheels. This unit has onboard tool storage to keep other tools easier to get. So far, this is the only table saw in the market that has dust-collection bag. Instead of the table using a low port to pile up sawdust, Rockwell table saw lets gravity do the work for it. Its laser indicator aligns to the blade’s tilt that allows you to make the cut straight. In fact, the laser is battery powered, making it easy to run.

Rockwell table saw has 3.56 inches cutting depth that can cut a 4 by 4 in only one pass. Other table saws such as Dewalt and Bosch do not have this ability. The 15 amp motor has more than enough power to handle most cutting needs.

For safety purposes, this unit has a tool-less blade guard, keeping your hand away from the fast rotating blade. It also has anti-kickback system that prevents any bucking that may injure your hand. However, this has no left blade tilt feature, making it a little difficult for left-handed users to operate.


All of the attachments can be placed on the unit itself because there is a place for every component that eliminates to store parts separately. The Rockwell table saw comes with a lot of specifications that others don’t have. At a price not exceeding $400, it becomes competitive with other table saws. The downside comes in quality, functionality and long-term durability. The Rockwell table saw review has a combined 4 and 5-star rating of only 63% that is way below the 80% threshold reviewed from other table saws.