Woodland Mills Sawmill Review

Woodland Mills Canada is a provider of most forest tools and machines for woodworkers. However, it is widely known for its service on providing efficient sawmills not only in Canada but as well as across the United States of America, Europe, Africa, Korea, New Zealand and Australia. Below, you will find our Woodland sawmill review for a few of their products. Make sure to read the whole Woodland Mills review, as we go through three of their finest products. And, we will also discuss Woodland Mills as a brand.

Get to Know the Makers

woodland sawmill review

Woodland Mills was created by Josh Malcolm and Neil Bramley in 2009. They were able to acknowledge the demand for a sawmill which would equate both the value and quality. They both obtained Mechanical Engineering albeit from different universities.

Neil is in line with the project management including tier automotive suppliers. His background lies in automotive components foreign sourcing and computer-aided design or CAD. His broad traveling overseas present chances for partnering with the art manufacturers. On the other hand, being a farmer as a hobby and a lot owner, Josh wanted to mill lumber on his own. This led him to creating a mill that would be a benefit to him.

Because of their own good reasons, Neil and Josh combined their work experiences and backgrounds in mechanical engineering to develop their product. They eventually created the Woodland Mills to provide a product not only for their own sake but also for other people.

The Woodland Mills range

Their company, the Woodland Mills, is currently offering a full scope of sawmills that are portable enough to meet the users’ needs. Whether you are a woodworker by hobby, user for big projects, or just want to earn extra money for a living; Woodland Mills can provide them for your need. Each sawmill is designed to be the best valued in its class industry.

HM122 Portable Sawmill, HM126 Portable Sawmill, and HM130 Portable Sawmill are three of the offered sawmills of Woodland Mills. With different features and capabilities, they come at different prices also.

The HM122 Sawmill

woodland mills sawmill review

For the customers who are trying to save and are looking at getting into milling a lumber on their own at an acceptable cost, Woodland Mills created the HM122 sawmill. It gives woodworkers a well-detailed mill for many purposes.

This unit/model is a great table saw. Whenever you want to true up lumber or resize the boards and beams after they are dry after a while. This is great for building things when you can very easily change the stock up to 15 boards at a time.

Despite its lower cost than the other sawmills, HM122 doesn’t have so much bad record regarding providing and serving the users across the countries mentioned. A little problem or complication might have existed before, but it didn’t affect its effectiveness towards doing its function based on the Woodland Sawmills Review.

The HM126 Sawmill

woodland mills review

On the other hand, the HM126 sawmill is designed to fill an emptiness in its industry. It offers the sawyers a durable solution to customers’ demands. From the structure of powder coated up to the 9.5 HP gas engine, this unit is less popular in the industry than the HM122 sawmill. The powder-coated steel component ensures that the mill will overcome anything despite nature’s doing. Covering the mill is suggested, but it is good that there would not have any problem when you forget to cover.

This model is known for its quality machine. The 9.5 engine does a good work, and the machine as a whole is easy to use. The blade changes are a snap. However, there will be times that it’s challenging to start, but eventually, it will be bolting to concrete. On a good day, the machine can cut around 1,000 board feet, but it can exceed up to 10,000 board feet.

It can also cut a 26 inch and 24 feet red oak that weighed around 500 pounds. Considering the price, the capabilities of this mill is satisfying to many users. Interestingly, the mill is good to use because it allows the users time to experiment. Users can turn pieces to find the best grain patterns.

Overall, based on the Woodland Sawmill Review, the quality of HM126 sawmill was excellent and simple to use.

The HM130 Sawmill

woodland mills review

Lastly, the HM130 sawmill was designed for wood makers and sawyers. It is perfect for those who are looking for more horsepower and bigger capacity in log making. Having a 14 horsepower gas engine, it is able to cut a log with 30 inches in diameter and up to 10 feet long. This unit can cut within one inch of the deck. This ensures the maximum usable board foot output. Similar to the HM126 sawmill, the HM130 also have all major components feature. It is either coated with powder or galvanized steel finish.

Among all three, HM130 is the most expensive in terms of price. But along with its cost is the efficiency and its productivity on doing the things that it needs to do. So far, there are no complaints and serious problems regarding the use of this unit based on the Woodland Mills Review. It is serving the sawyers and users perfectly fine.

Wrapping Up The Woodland Sawmill Review

All the three types of Woodland sawmills are covered with a warranty against the manufacturer’s defect up to two years. However, it excludes the wearing parts such as belts, bearings, and blade. The engine, on the other hand, covers a warranty. The warranty is accepted through any dealer of the small engine up to three years.

Up to now, after eight years, Woodland Mills Canada continues to grow and provide people quality sawmills. These may be for wood making, forest tools, and machines in more than five countries around the world. The sawmills they provide are backed by friendly and comprehensive services. These services ensure that the customers are being taken care of well after their purchase.